Name of the entity with whom the contract is being entered with. The contract is sent to the client ‘Contact Email’ for approval.
The course has an address where the finish line will be set up. Generally we work with loop courses, so this is the same as the starting line.
date rule
A rule which defines a date on which a race or exception is created. E.g., Third Sat Aug is a date rule.
Race on a particular date. E.g., the event record saves information about the 9/14/2019 Market Street Mile
An exception to the normal rules for allowing races. Normally races are allowed on weekends and not allowed on weekdays. So the first Monday of September (Labor Day) is an example of an exception because we will allow races on that day.
the leader who will run the finish line operation on the day of the event
A race can be run annually. The ‘race’ (e.g., Market Street Mile) has information which doesn’t generally change, e.g., it’s run on the second Saturday of September. Compare to event which is a race on a particular date.
A race is renewed a few days after the event for the current year. The date rule for the race is used to schedule the race for the following year.
  • finishline - timing service done by the race services team
  • coursemarking - marking the course done by the race services team
  • premiumpromotion - advertisement for local races done by the communications team, sent periodically
  • renewed-pending - race was copied automatically to the next year (“renewed”) during Post Event Processing or by clicking Renew button. The admin is expected to confirm with race director that the event will happen and that the date and other event details are correct. This is set automatically through Post Event Processing or after clicking Renew.
  • tentative - race director has confirmed race will be run again this year, but is not ready to receive the contract. This is set by the admin.
  • contract-sent - race director has confirmed the date. Admin has sent contract to race director. This is set automatically.
  • committed - race director has signed contract (electronically). This is set automatically.
  • canceled - event has been canceled, but we don’t want to lose track of it. E.g., if the race owed or paid money it’s better to change the state to canceled than to delete the event.

The transition from renewed-pending to tentative is done by the admin using the Create Event view or Edit Event view. This should be used to help remember which races have had some discussion with the race director.